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37Ton Container Side Loader

1. Why use a container side loader?

2. Basic container side loader application

3. How does the container side loader load the container onto the trailer?Drive knowledge test

4. Benefits of the container side loader

1. Why use a container side loader?

Container side loaders (also called "side lifts" or "auto-loading trailers") provide a versatile and cost-effective way to load, transport, and unload containers and other cargo. In a market where container loading and unloading volumes continue to increase, this makes it possible for you to gain new business, customers and income.

The container side loader can safely handle shipping containers and other cargo

From/to other trailers, trucks or trains, or directly on the ground where they can be packed or unpacked safely and effectively.

The container side loader is installed on a truck or trailer and can be operated with a minimum of manpower without any other equipment, which can minimize waiting time, planning time, and can provide seamless and competitive services.

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2. Basic container side loader application

The container side loader consists of two side hoisting cranes and a trailer or truck. The container side loader has four basic operations: from/lift to the ground, from/to another chassis or railway wagon, stacking containers and road transportation. The complete processing time is 2-4 minutes.

Lift from/to the ground

TITAN container side loader can load and unload containers or other goods directly from/to the ground. Once the cargo falls on the ground, container side loader can proceed to the next job and can pack/unpack the container safely and effectively.

From/to another trailer or railway wagon

TITAN container side loaders can remove containers from trailers, trucks or rail wagons. This means it can be used as a mobile lifting device or as part of a fleet to load/unload other trailers or trucks. This also means that container side loader can be used as an intermodal tool.

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Road transport

The container side loader can safely lift the container and transport it by road in accordance with all regulations. No other equipment can be transported and upgraded with the same cost-effectiveness and performance as the TITAN container side loader.

Stacking container

Container side loader can be equipped with a stacking function, allowing you to place one container on top of another container placed on the ground. Through double stacking, customers can save valuable space. Stacked containers can also improve cargo safety.


3. How does the container side loader load the container onto the trailer?Drive knowledge test

The driver places the trailer next to the container. The power supply of the container side loader is provided by PTO or power take-off.

The crane extends and places outriggers on either side of the container to prevent the trailer from tipping over. After the outriggers are fully extended, the driver can connect the chain.

The container side loader is useful when the passage between the container stacks is too narrow or there is not much space in front or behind the containers.

container side loader37 Ton Container Side Loader

Using a container side loader, drivers can load or unload containers in less than five minutes, which means they don't have to wait for cranes, forklifts or straddle carriers. This also means that only one person is involved in the lift, which improves the safety factor.

Some models can also load one container onto another adjacent truck or railcar, or stack one container on top of another container on the ground.

Depending on the model, the container side loader can also lift other types of loads that can be properly suspended using chains, such as precast concrete, swapping car bodies, vehicles, storage tanks, pipes, cable drums and heavy machinery. Certain applications may require other accessories, such as hangers.

Since the weight of the cargo is borne by the wheels of the truck, container side loaders have multiple uses in situations where other machinery may be difficult to handle.

This leg is fully extended. You can see the danger zone of the lifting zone on the leg

The chain is connected to the bottom corner of the container by a fixing device. After the start of the lift, the driver must stay away from the lift zone, which is very important.

container side loaderSide Loader Container 

When the length and weight of the container are different, the crane can slide along the trailer chassis to move to the best position for hoisting, thereby placing the container in the best position to achieve the best weight distribution.

The two short containers can be lifted end-to-end with correct accessories.


4. Benefits of the container side loader

Competitive advantages

Container side loaders allow you to perform work in a safe and effective manner and provide new forms of service that trucks and trailers cannot provide. You can load/unload from anywhere or from other trailers/trucks/vans anytime, anywhere without disturbing customers or using third-party equipment.

Fast turnaround

Container side loader allows you to quickly load and unload containers anytime, anywhere. With a complete operation time of 2-4 minutes, the driver can continue to the next task. Minimizing waiting time means higher efficiency and the possibility of increasing container flow.

Place the container on the ground

Container side loader can put the container on the ground so that the end user can pack it at will. If there is no loading and unloading platform, container side loader will also make it possible to unpack/pack containers safely and efficiently. The transport container placed on the ground can also be used as a flexible temporary storage room.

container side loader

Safe cargo, safe workplace

The container side loader can provide a safe, horizontal 2+2 point lift, thus ensuring cargo safety and allowing you to handle dangerous, fragile or high-value cargo. Since the lifting operation and transportation are done by one person, the delivery process is as safe as possible.

Not only the container

The container side loader can lift many types of heavy objects and provides an economical choice for many specialized lifting cranes and systems. The high lifting capacity of the container side loader can be matched with cranes of 100-120 tons. The lower ground pressure makes the container side loader more suitable for unprepared terrain, while the lower operating altitude makes it less susceptible to bad weather.

There is always demand

Suppliers using container side loader are becoming more and more popular among customers. In an economic downturn, the container side loader is usually the last stop machine.

Processing operation example

To date, ISO shipping boxes are the most common unit handled with container side loader. However, container side loaders has a large number of other applications. Here you can find some examples!

Precast concrete

Use container side loader to transport prefabricated building components to the construction project site, such as walls, floors, etc.


When it is "too large", it can be handled with basic lifting equipment or top spreaders.

container side loader

Vehicle recycling

TITAN container side loader can be used to safely and effectively pick up debris or crashed heavy vehicles.

Cable drum

A vehicle for lifting and transporting large and heavy cable reels, it is also faster and less sensitive to ground pressure restrictions and weather effects than alternative solutions.

Rig and crane

Lift, transfer or transport heavy drilling rigs or cranes.


Use TITAN elevators to transport pipelines for various purposes.

Stacking container

Equip your TITAN with stacking capabilities. With the TITAN MegaReach retractable crane, you can even stack two containers in the second row.

Temporary housing      

Lift and transport temporary office buildings, for example for construction projects.

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